About BetterMen

The BetterMen process isn’t therapy. What most men need is not a diagnosis.
What we need is trusting relationships with other men, to make commitments to be BetterMen, and to be held accountable to our commitments. This is what changes men’s lives. This is what improves the lives of those we love.
In 2002, Wayne M. Levine, M.A., founded BetterMen Coaching in Agoura Hills, California, to provide men with the support they need to be BetterMen in their relationships and in their lives.
BetterMen Coaching provides individual and couples coaching, and men’s groups, both in Southern California and via phone/Skype. It’s also home of the BetterMen Weekend retreat.
Men need to know there’s nothing wrong in asking for help. We’ve been trying to do everything by ourselves for too long and it doesn’t work. Here at BetterMen Coaching, we’ve got a better way.
We coach each other. We help each man to create a vision of the man he wants to be. We teach him tools that will help him to be that better man. And through our BetterMen Weekend, we allow each man to experience the power of finding his place among the men.
Being the best man you can be takes time. After all, it took you quite a few years to arrive in the place you’re in today. But through the support of initiated men, we grow up, we change, we improve, and we get closer and closer to being the man, father, husband, friend, leader and mentor we’ve always wanted to be.
If it’s time for you to become a better man, give us a call at (818) 879-1600 or email us at info@BetterMenCoaching.com.