Our Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission
  • Teaching men the value of having strong and trusting relationship with men.
  • Coaching men to find their place among the men.
  • Initiating men into manhood.
  • Building a community of initiated men who support and challenge each other to be the best men, husbands, fathers and leaders they can be.
  • Supporting men to make changes in their lives to make them BetterMen at home, at work, and in their communities.
  • Providing services that meet the emotional, social and spiritual needs of men and their families.
  • Creating an awesome Center in the mountains where we go to make good men better!
Our Beliefs
  • All men are fundamentally good.
  • All good men, with the support of other men, can become BetterMen.
  • Supported men will be better and happier husbands, fathers, brothers, son, friends, leaders, and mentors.
  • To be the best man you can be, you must be in the company of other initiated men.
  • Men who get angry or confused, hide in their caves, have fear and doubt, make no sense, annoy, or act like jerks, can still be great men.
  • Boys (of all ages) must be initiated into manhood.
  • Being a better man means being the man YOU want to be.
  • Powerful men do not hurt or blame others.
If it’s time for you to become a better man, give us a call at (818) 879-1600 or email us at info@BetterMenCoaching.com.