Coaching Testimonials

“Wayne wears many hats during our conversations–friend, father, confessor and butt-kicker. Like most people, I have needed a little of each during this journey which of course continues. His ability to stay on task (despite my best efforts, sometimes) and his willingness to risk the relationship to tell you what you NEED to hear, not what you want to hear, set this process apart. I am anxious and excited to see what kind of man I can become with help from Wayne and the other men.” – Matt

“I found the need for men in my life when my marriage was falling apart. I had isolated myself from men. I had surrounded myself with women, confided only with women. It became clear to me that this was not working. Working with Wayne has awakened a voice that had long been asleep and silent inside of me. That voice was my own voice, my voice as a man, the man I strive to be. I have learned to listen and to trust this voice. I am learning to feel as a man feels. This process has become an integral part of me. It touches and sets a real standard for all of my relationships with men, with women, and with my sons. It guides me at work and in my personal life. Having Wayne’s support in my life has been invaluable.” – Joe

“Wayne offered me a terrific alternative to traditional therapy and groups. His philosophy encourages taking responsibility for your life, for your actions, for your choices. He provides tools and skills that help with the tough choices in life. But, most of all, he celebrates being a man and knowing how to live life as a GOOD man. That might mean being tough; that might mean being soft. Being a man encompasses it all. Wayne guides you to realize your potential without resorting to stereotypical Dr. Phil platitudes. It’s straight…it’s direct…it works.” – Bruce

“The BetterMen process has been an eye-popping experience for me. When I first started working with Wayne, he explained to me how I was playing one of the best victims he had ever met. After I sat with that for a while, I realized (with Wayne’s coaching) that I can make significant changes in my life, and almost all of them were right in my head. Everyday I ask my self, “Am I being the best man I can be?” And then, I act accordingly! Wayne’s coaching has given me the balance and confidence to move forward with my relationship and my life.” – Ken

“I have been working with Wayne for about 18 months now and it has been invaluable. I left the comfort of a job at a large corporation to pursue an entrepreneurial dream a year ago and it has been an emotional rollercoaster. I have a wife, two young children, and a mortgage without a reliable paycheck. Some days I have total confidence in my vision and other days I am plagued with self-doubt. Wayne has been a consistent and comforting voice during these challenging times. Whether I am riding a way of optimism and ready to conquer the world or depressed and wanting to stay in bed all day, Wayne is there to offer his unique perspective and bring me back to center. Our conversations are not about business but about life. We talk about becoming a better husband, father, and man in general. I highly recommend working with Wayne to anyone who is looking to grow as a person and improve the quality of the relationships in their life whether they be personal or business.” – Mike

“I read Wayne’s book and really liked what he had to say; the concepts were simple and made a lot of sense. But, I determined additional help would get me where I wanted to be more quickly, so I decided to try working with Wayne directly. Wayne has a relaxed approach that is definitely not “one size fits all.” He listens and guides you to the discoveries you need to make to become a better man. He quickly helped me see how the things that were going wrong in my life were really things I could put under my control. It was also very reassuring to discover that, much to my surprise, other men were facing the same issues I was facing–I wasn’t the only guy going through this stuff. Wayne helped me find the insight and tools to see myself and take responsibility to adjust my behavior to better my life. He showed me how to be aware of and take control of the choices I make and, after many years of struggling (before working with Wayne,) I am finally becoming the man I want to be.” – Art

“When I started working with Wayne, my marriage had recently ended and I didn’t understand why. We both knew we were in love, but it seemed the harder I tried the worst things got and the more miserable I became. By working with Wayne, I have learned to be the man I want to be in my relationships—personal and business. I am able to be loving and supportive without compromising what is important to me. It has changed my life! I am a happier man, a better father, and a better mate.” – Rod