Couples Coaching

Couples therapy has not proven to be terribly successful for most couples. One reason is that many couples wait too long before asking for help, allowing resentment to fester to the breaking point.

But another real reason for the failure of relationships after couples therapy is, unfortunately, wide-spread incompetency in the profession. The fact is, men (and to a lesser degree women) feel unsafe in that environment, and they battle—consciously or unconsciously—a sense that they’re just not being heard or getting what they need, or they lack confidence in the therapist’s ability to help them get to the truth and to solutions.

That’s therapy. This is coaching.

What You Can Expect

This is all about solutions. But to hear the solutions, you first have to be able to hear each other.

I bring an eclectic mix of techniques to this process, but all tempered with a well-honed intuitiveness that allows me to quickly put both of you at ease, so we can get to work.

With my deep understanding of men and women, and their struggles in relationships, and over 20 years experience successfully coaching couples through a wide-range of hardships and challenges, I can help you to gain clarity as individuals in your relationship, and guide you on a path toward greater intimacy, compassion, romance, and friendship.