Group Testimonials

“Let’s face it, being a man nowadays is emasculating! With the help of Wayne, THE BOOK, and my Wednesday night group, I’ve been supported through the trials and tribulations of divorce, re-entry to the singles scene, and most importantly given the tools to make my new relationship blossom and work…we’re getting married in August. This work helps me be a better man, father, and partner. Without it, I’d still be the floundering crybaby I started as!” – Bruce
“Group has become a place where I can go, get out of my head, open my heart and breathe!” – Rick
“I’m 62 years old, and I’ve lived through a lot of what life has to offer and what it throws at us while we’re looking the other way. The work with the men in my group has enabled me to make positive changes which, for the first time, make me feel like I am finally doing a good job of being a man. There is a new woman in my life, and I have never had a more honest relationship, where I can be the man I want to be, and the man she needs without compromise between the two roles.
My two grown sons and I have, for the first time, a relationship between men. I no longer treat them like children, and they don’t see me as “the old man.” There is love of course, but now there is also an honest regard and communication between us. It’s really cool. The men in my group have become the best friends I’ve ever had, not because we’re buddies, which we are, but because we are honest with each other, and hold each other accountable for our actions. I am on a continuing path of growth, and they don’t let me stray. I do the same for them.” – Milt
“For me being part of the group is like being in front of a mirror, showing me who I really am, and getting a chance to see my true self—giving me the opportunity to make changes in order to be the man I really want to be.” – Mauricio
“I really love it, because I know every week I’m free to say whatever I want, and no matter how foolish I might think I look, I’ll get sincere, honest feedback that’ll make it okay that I talked about it. I’m learning a lot, it’s great, and I’m really glad I discovered this!” – Jeff
“Initially, I was unsure of what I would get from group—if and how it would benefit me. I now see that the interaction that occurs in the group setting, and the relationships I am building with the other men, is helping me to be more of the man who I want to be. Consequently, it is helping me to deal with my interpersonal relationships much more effectively, and as a result, I am experiencing less internal turmoil and am feeling better about my life as a whole.” – D.G.
“I’ve come to the conclusion that EVERY man can benefit from this type of experience. There are no barriers that disqualify any man from being able to evolve himself as a man/person, other than not being open to “showing up.” This environment takes the differences in the men that show up early in the program and finds commonality that creates connection and ultimately uncovers opportunity for growth. The program’s principles are simple, and the program is dynamic!” – Chris
“When I started in group every other man was a stranger to me. Now they’re some of the best friends I’ve ever had. I used to stew in my own juices when things weren’t going well, but now I don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and find a man to talk to and I’m always glad I did. I’m 100% sold on having men in my life I can trust.” – Jeff
“In the few months I have been in group, I’ve found that it’s me who needs to change, not others. Once that point is realized, your whole world around you will change. Group rewards you with the experiences and knowledge from other men, younger and older. Age does not matter. We are men working towards the same goal. To be better men. Believe me, it works!.” – Wayne