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If you’re a good man who wants to be better, but you just can’t find men locally who are as committed to making changes in their lives, then our BetterMen Phone Groups should do the trick.

You’ll be on a weekly, one-hour call with 4-8 men and Wayne Levine, who facilitates the call. Wayne’s job is to help you get to your truth, assist the men in developing trusting relationships, and support each man to leave the call with greater clarity about who he is as a man and what he needs to do next as a man, father and husband.

We deal with everything that’s ever gone through your head—even topics you can’t imagine having in common with other men, but do.

In time, deep, trusting relationships are established as the men learn to support each other. And once that trust is there, the changes that take place are astounding.

Fee: $200 per month.

Phone Groups Currently Available

  • Thursdays 5-6 P.M. PST

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