BetterMen® Retreats

The BetterMen® Retreat is NOT for women. It’s JUST FOR MEN!

Why? Well, although it’s a blessing to have wonderful, loving and supportive women in our lives, it’s essential for men to have trusting relationships with other men. The problem is, we don’t know how, in our society, to have these relationships with men. We’re isolated. Many of us are doing it alone—unsuccessfully. The result is men who are lonely, angry, frustrated, sad, lost, confused, feeling hopeless, and quitting on themselves and on the families they love.

Weekend Retreats

Everything that happens at the BetterMen Retreats teaches men something about themselves as men and something about their place in the community of men. The men learn to develop trusting relationships with each other so they’ll get the support they need to be better men, husbands and fathers.

Everything the men experience at this Weekend, every exercise, ritual and game, is a tool they can use over and over again as they strengthen their relationships with other men.

Although each man comes to this Weekend with his specific life challenges in mind and some sort of expectation for addressing those needs, and although those issues are addressed, this Weekend primarily focuses on developing men’s abilities to be in relationship with each other. For without the men to hold each other accountable, to “kick each other’s ass”, to mentor each other and to care for one another, the likelihood of any individual man accomplishing his goals is greatly diminished.

At the conclusion of The BetterMen Retreat, rather than leaving in an altered state of “seminar bliss”, it is hoped that the men leave invigorated but firmly planted in their masculinity. We want the men to know more about themselves as men, to learn specific tools they can use immediately to be the men they want to be at home, at work and in their communities, and to understand the process that will keep them connected to the men with whom they have shared this powerful initiation into manhood.

The BetterMen® Retreat is:
  • Challenging, as we continually encourage the men to become aware of their reactions to the other men.
  • Deeply felt, as we explore the depths of masculinity and our universal experiences as men.
  • Eye-opening, as we learn the BetterMen Tools men use to be the best men they can be in all areas of their lives.
  • Fun, actually, a hell of a lot of fun, as we lead the men in games, play and celebration.
  • Unique for each man, as he develops his vision of the man he wants to be.
  • And, for some, a rite of passage, as they, for the first time, feel the power of finding their place in the community of men.

So…who should attend?

YOU. Yes, you, if you’re a good man and you want to be a better man. No prior experience required. All that’s necessary is a willingness to participate and a commitment to change.

Take this opportunity to leap into manhood. Join us on this journey with other good men who, like you, want to be BetterMen.

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