Retreat Testimonials

“Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! What awesome work you are doing. Got to admit the retreat was something that I would never have signed up for so I am glad my dad did it for us. It was one of the best experiences of my life. You and the rest of the team work wonders. Thanks for giving me that push to “want” again. My family will be thanking you for years to come!!!! I am so blessed to be able to have attended, and just can’t say enough for what it’s already done for me. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s freaking awesome.
” – Nick
“Being in a circle of men ready and willing to bare their souls is one of the most amazing and profound experiences imaginable. This is not New Age BS or psychobabble baloney but real men with real feelings letting it all hang out in a setting that’s as moving as it is fun. It left me feeling 10 years younger and more than ready to face the issues in my life.” – Alex
“Part boot camp, part sacred ritual, part classroom learning, part BS session, part team building, part deep personal work. All fun, all deeply meaningful, all masculine. Carefully organized and led by serious and dedicated men, for men who want to be better fathers, sons, husbands, and men. Trust the Men. I highly recommended this Weekend. It helped me to be the man I want to be.” – Will
“I discovered my inner strength, power and playfulness by connecting and integrating with authentic men. I am grateful to and will always cherish the BetterMen Weekend.
” – Leon
“The events and results of sharing the BetterMen Weekend with my two sons were and continue to be nothing short of extraordinary. Zach and I have been able to share our hearts with each other and find a new level of experiencing each other as father to son, man to man, friend to friend, and son to father. It is a connection to him that I haven’t experienced since he was a little boy. Ari attended the next Weekend. Our experience was as equally profound, but unique to our relationship and separate from what I found with Zach.
There were other results from these two weekends, however, which were not about our relationships with each other. Each of them, from their own needs, found tools to take back to their individual lives, to make them better men, husbands, fathers, and brothers. Best of all, like their father, found a world of men ready to stand by them and be their ultimate resource for being the best men they could be. I’m one proud and happy dad.” – Milt
“A very powerful and inspirational weekend. It took me out of my box and my personal growth was terrific. I wish I had this experience 15 years ago. It was an empowering and inspirational weekend. I firmly believe it has put me on the course to be the man I want to be.
” – Ken
“This is the second BetterMen’s Weekend I have done. I always return home re-invigorated to keep making improvements in my life as a father and husband. It attracts a great group of men who are highly supportive of each other.” – Larry
“The thrust of the Weekend is determining how we wanted to live our lives and what kind of men we want to be. When this goal was first presented, I was doubtful I’d get to a place of clarity on myself in just 72 hours. Yet, I did. Try to imagine the impact of such clarity in your life!” – Bruce
“Being placed upon our own Bull’s back for two days not knowing what would be the end result: beaten and bruised, tired and worn, but finishing victorious and proud. I can say without a doubt, this was truly the best experience I have ever personally witnessed or been involved with…thanks “Guys” for making us all laugh, converse, helping each other become stronger men and to realize life’s specialties.” – Jim
“Anger and mistrust had impeded me from being the type of husband, father and friend that I always wanted to be. The Weekend gave me an opportunity to take a good look at what was behind all of that. I met many honorable men at the weekend, but best of all, I met me.” – Chris
“Attending this Weekend gave me the tools I need to become the man I want to be. With the help of other men, I was able to look at myself, recognize obstacles that keep me from being happy as a man, and leave stronger and more confident in my manhood. All this can only be accomplished with the help of other men. Thanks.” – Doug
“The impact of the Weekend is sinking in. The honor, courage, trust, and love that we showed and gave to each other is now part of me. Thank you MEN.” – Joe
“This Weekend has completely changed my life. I have more confidence and direction than ever before, and I just completed THE best business conference, ever. I simply could not have achieved this without this Weekend and the Commitments/N.U.T.s I developed with the help of the men.” – Vince