Wayne’s Talks

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Invite Wayne M. Levine, author of Hold On to Your N.U.T.s—The Relationship Manual for Men, to share his passion for mentoring men, and the BetterMen Tools he’s created to help men become better men, husbands and fathers.
The creator and facilitator of the BetterMen Retreats, and director of BetterMen Coaching, offers his unique and entertaining perspectives on men, women and relationships, through these provocative presentations:
Hold On to Your N.U.T.s—A Relationship Workshop for Men
Hold On to Your N.U.T.s, a straight-forward talk/discussion about men—their relationships, their responsibilities as men, and the power they have to be BetterMen for themselves, their families, and in their communities. Women love what Wayne has to say.
Is There a Love Affair in Your Home?—For Couples
Life can quickly become very complicated and stressful for couples as their families grow, career and financial responsibilities increase, and their time together feels more like an operations meeting and less like the romantic, sexy, and fun experience they signed up for.
Couples will discover how each spouse contributes to their problems, and how together they can solve those problems and rediscover the joy in their relationships.
Through this engaging and illuminating discussion, you will regain the hope that might be slipping away or already lost, and find yourself on the road to having a love affair in your home.
Turning Our Lost College Boys into College MEN
Most boys in our culture are not initiated into manhood. Their fathers are ill-equipped and do not have the necessary support to mentor their sons to be good, strong men who are comfortable in their own skin. Can they be saved? Can they be successful? Can they be happy men, husbands and fathers? Absolutely. You’ll hear how.
What Men REALLY Need!
Our culture has made it virtually impossible for men to get what they really need to succeed in relationships. Instead, we rely on old survival techniques and coping mechanisms. Though essential and possibly life-saving in their day, they’re not working for us anymore. Learn what men REALLY need, how to get it, and how receiving it can totally transform men, relationships and our culture.
The Truth About Men!
You really want to know what men admit to when they’re in the company of men they trust, away from the competitive battlefields of the work place? Can you handle the truth, the truth hidden by most men in our communities behind their masks, their plastered-on smiles, and their tremendous efforts to “look good” at all cost? Okay, if you think you’re ready, come join us for a remarkably candid and open discussion about why men do the things they do, and how they really feel!
Become a Better Husband in Eight Easy Steps?
Well, maybe not SO easy. But Wayne’s eight BetterMen Tools, if applied generously, are sure to turn that louse on the couch (yeah YOU!) into your wife’s knight in shining armor. But be patient. It won’t happen overnight! Learn the eight Tools and how women can support their men as they make this mystical transformation.
Be the Dad You Want to Be…Before It’s Too Late!
Does it break your heart to see distance growing between you and your kids, between the vision of the Dad you had hoped to be and the Dad you are? You can bridge that gap. You can be that better Dad. But first, you’ll have to grow up and silence the little boy. Clarify the vision of the dad you want to be as we take an eye-opening journey from your childhood to manhood. It’s not too late to be the Dad your kids need!
Wayne is a gifted speaker and has an amazing ability to disarm and teach about serious topics, without ever taking himself too seriously. You’ll have fun while learning more about yourself, your relationships and the men in your life.
Wayne’s talks are for all men who want to make changes in their lives and for the women who are beside them, willing to support them to become happier men as well as better husbands, fathers, sons, brother, friends and mentors.
In addition to speaking to organizations and business groups, Wayne also enjoys speaking to high school and college students. Young men are more successful in their relationships and in their lives when they learn what it means for them to be “real men.”
Wayne asks you to bring your issues, questions, frustrations, anger and whatever else you’ve got on your mind. Expect to walk away from an event with Wayne knowing a little bit more about yourself and the other folks sharing this experience with you.