Wayne’s Book Reviews

Looks Funny. Works Great!
“I found Wayne’s book browsing a bookstore looking for “help” with my wife and family. I picked it up because it looked funny, and I felt like I could use a laugh at the moment. What I found was a new, unique approach to improving your relationships by improving yourself. I have been working with my N.U.T.S. and applying the BetterMen Tools for a week now, and have definitely noticed things improving around the house and with my relationship with my wife. Thanks Wayne.” – Mark
A No-B.S. Guide for Men
“Wayne understands the fact that men who need help need to be spoken to like men. That means he dispenses with anything remotely New Age-sounding or bizarre and gets right to it with straight talk, solid examples and real-life anecdotes that make sense. Levine guides men through an understanding of how they likely got to where they are (angry, sad, confused, etc.) and helps them look in the mirror for practical solutions within themselves. It’s powerful stuff packed into a book that’s quick and easy to read and formatted so you can go back again and again for reference.” – Alex
Big Help for Men; Godsend for Women
“This book is not intended for women, and doesn’t pretend to be. But boy, will we benefit. I bought it for my husband in a “leave-it-on-the-bedside-table-with-a-few-key-sections-conveniently-marked” kind of way…Of course I had to read it myself first (the title intrigued me), and what impressed me the most was how much this book was written FOR MEN, really. My husband laughed at the title and opened it right up. And he read it. Pretty quickly. There wasn’t a bunch of psycho-babble or touchy-feely “delve into your past” exercises. Just straightforward advice and day-to-day tips. The book talks about fathering too, which I appreciate with our two young boys. N.U.T.s is full of clear examples and simple tools for men interested in improving their relationships. As a wife, it’s a valuable resource, and I’m grateful for it.” – Dana
Invest in Youself
“If you’re looking for concrete and sound advice on how to shed the ‘little boy’ in you and start living like a man, you need to read this book. It’s a book that you can quickly read in one setting, and also keep referring to whenever you need encouragement and direction. I highly recommend it to any man who wants to improve himself as well as his relationships with others.” – Darren
Great! Buy It Now!
“Don’t wait! I found this book by chance in a local bookstore. I’ve begun to grow up a lot since reading it. It’s been very helpful in clarifying a lot of issues about myself and my relationships, and understanding what I want and how to get it. It’s all about standing up and being the man I want to be. Wayne’s book has got me on that road. Unlike so many other self-help books, N.U.T.s is focused on what men need and how to bring it into action. Onward to being the man, husband, father and son I want to be!” – Will
N.U.T.s and Guts
“Wayne’s book captures the essence of his mentoring program. I was fortunate to learn of and use his services and they helped to turn my life around. I came to terms with the reality that I was in a toxic marriage that I needed to leave. Once I left that marriage, the principals within the book has helped me to deal with dating, and eventually I found a wonderful woman to be in a new marriage with. By holding onto my N.U.T.s, I am having a great relationship with my new wife. I appreciate greatly what Wayne has done for me and other men.” – Dave
An Honest Book That Means Well…And Does Better
“Wayne Levine has hit the nail on the head…with a rising divorce rate and lower marriage rate, people NEED help with their relationships. And lets be honest…it’s not the women who are going to step up and do what needs to be done in order to save a relationship. Like many other things in life, from changing a tire to teaching a kid how to throw a baseball…its the man’s job. And Levine just goes right out there and says that, and in every way, from the title, to the introduction, to his “BetterMen Tools.” Each one seems simple…until you try and put it into action. Then you realize how important it is to really understand them, and how much they can do if you put effort into them. In short, Levine knows what it takes to have happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationships, and it seems that he’s made it his mission to share that wisdom. I recommend to all this cheeky but immensely helpful relationship manual!” – Sam