Beyond Boyhood Testimonials

“Great experience- Recommended for anyone searching for a better life as a man regardless of whether or not you are in a relationship or a father. Will help you see men differently, respond to women differently. If you don’t already have a copy, buy the book “Hold on to Your Nuts”. Has been of great value to me as a man in all areas of my life” Nik
“Often, us men have difficulties seeing the value in changing for the better. In our heads, ‘I’m doing just fine.’ The problem is that as we grow less self-absorbed we begin to see the negative characteristics our stunted worldview embeds in others. We see the ‘little boy’ in us mold the ‘little girl’ in our daughters. We notice the subtle disconnection our wives experience when our view is, technically, correct. At our core, we don’t want this. We must change for the better. But how? Ask a father, brother, or buddy? Probably not. We need a practical and systematic life approach for raising our consciousness from “just fine” to “purposely engaged.” Wayne Levine’s one-on-one, group, and course work are the bridge you need to cross over anxiety, fear, and pain and travel to, not just manhood, but your highest self.” Ian
“Last Sunday I helped out Wayne in preparing a group of men for the coming BetterMen Weekend in October. In the short amount of time we had, all of the men got to know each other and their personal problems very fast. It is beautiful see men who are mostly new to this all chime in and help one another, offering support, honesty, and empathy. Wayne knows how to set the stage for men to drop their guard, open up, and get the help they need. Thank you!!” Jamie
“I’ve been attending the BetterMen men’s group for 2 years now and It has completely transformed my life. Not only am I more of the man I want to be, but my relationships with men and women have improved tremendously. I recently attended the Beyond Boyhood workshop which was a great experience and it helped me get even more insight into myself. Thank you BetterMen, and thank you Wayne!” Guy
“It was a good day for the men. I recommend BetterMen Coaching to any man who wants to be better & do better. The quality of this organization is top drawer and Wayne is a privilege to know.” Keith
“Wayne is masterful at allowing all the various edges and resistances of the men to come forward, even sometimes allowing their anger and indigence to be directed at him, only to gracefully dance with them until they can see how their thoughts, words, behaviors and/or actions are not serving them in their aim to be great men.” Ryan