Male Life Coach

How I Came to
Be a Life Coach

Wayne M. Levine’s Career Trajectory in a Nutshell

If you read through the pages of this site, you’ll learn quite a bit about my past, my life’s journey and how I work with men. I went to the University of Southern California so long ago that it’s a faded memory.

I graduated magna cum laude in journalism and history. That’s where I also met my wife and future business partner.

After a few years at an ad agency, where I moved from the mailroom to the role of assistant broadcast producer, I left the agency to start a video and film production company (with my partner) where I produced, directed and edited scores of projects for a multitude of media companies and corporate clients. We had some good times. That phase of my life, too, has taken its place in the archives of my mind.

After many years of volunteer work with men in a variety of capacities, I returned to school, this time Antioch University, for a Masters in Clinical Psychology. I had planned to be a marriage and family therapist. I thought the better of it, for many reasons, and put my shingle out as a counselor…then mentor..and then male life coach. Then I wrote a book.

For the next 20 years, as a male life coach, I coached men, couples, families and several weekly men’s groups. With the help of the men, we offered men’s retreats, and family activities like father/son and father/daughter events. Many of these events corresponded with the raising my daughter and son. I was trying to be a good dad while struggling with the pressures of running a business, and being in a marriage that didn’t suit me.

It took me a very long time to be honest with myself. But once that happened, I set into motion several years of adventure, travel, upheaval, experimentation, discovery, heart ache, healing and, ultimately, a new and happier life.

Beyond that, I can tell you that I’m enjoying my life with a new partner. I love our cabin in the woods on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. My beautiful children are married and making their way in life with integrity and humor. And I play pickleball (some days better than others) as much as I can.

I’m excited to have you here. This site is filled with information on how to get started and what steps you can take to transform your life for the better. It won’t always be an easy journey, but it’s a journey worth taking. It can be difficult to acknowledge that you need help. And whether you’re feeling embarrassed, shamed, anxious, or scared, it’s okay to acknowledge those feelings. Take a deep breath and think of the reasons you’re here. Maybe you’re fighting to save your marriage. Maybe you want to be a better dad. Maybe you just want to be happier. Whatever the reason, I want to offer my assistance as a male life coach.

Let’s get to work!

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