Feeling stuck in your career?

We all grow up with expectations, and they’re usually not our own.
In large part, we develop as men based upon the expectations of others, like our parents, teachers, clergy, and what popular culture happens to be selling us at the time.
What happens is that we, consciously and unconsciously, make countless choices based upon those false expectations. We then have to live with the results. Sometimes the results turn out okay. But more often than not, we find ourselves trapped in the outcomes of those choices. Like work.
Perhaps you had always hoped to be an actor, veterinarian, pilot, or teacher. But for one reason or another, whether it was someone’s judgment, economics, or low self-esteem, you made another choice, perhaps what then seemed to be a safer choice.
Years later, it’s clearer to you that you’re just not happy with your current career, and that you haven’t really been happy with it for a very long time. You feel stuck.
When we feel stuck it’s because we can’t see the options. And until you share this with someone you can trust, and who can lead you to seeing your current situation from a whole new perspective, you’ll continue to feel frustrated, angry, depressed, and trapped. And that’s not good for you or your family.
You have the power to make changes in your career and in every other aspect of your life. Find out how BetterMen Coaching can help you to see your options, and to offer the support you need to cast off those old expectations to become the man you truly want to be.
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