Breaking Bad Habits

November 19, 2023


We often find ourselves stuck in old habits that are really unhealthy. For instance, we’ll fall into victimhood, or we’ll get drawn into the same kind of arguments with our partner that just lead to cold shoulders or hostility that can go on for hours, days, maybe longer. And the question is, how do you get out of those habits? How do you break the habits?

The first step is to, as best you can, recognize that it’s happening, that you’re in it, as soon as you can. Because the moment you recognize you’re into something that doesn’t feel good, that isn’t going to lead to something positive, the sooner you feel it in your body, and the sooner you can stop. Whether it’s to say, ‘listen, I need to take a walk for a minute, or I need to go outside, or count to 10,’ or whatever is necessary to simply interrupt that moment. You can then begin to understand that you have the ability and the power, once you have the awareness, to not engage in that practice any longer.

The greater your awareness and the more committed you are to this practice, the sooner you can actually break the habit.