Changing Your Relationship with Money

October 25, 2017

Hiring a guy like me costs a little bit of money. But I can assure you, it’s a drop in the bucket in terms of how much divorce costs, generally. I mean, once you start paying your attorney you’re going to see how quickly the retainer disappears. But that’s just the cost of divorce. If your separation is fraught with bitterness, anger and resentment, there’s not much you can do about it.

But what happens is, because men are so afraid of letting go of the money that they’ve worked so hard to accumulate, they tend to make really poor decisions. Waiting, kicking the can down, thinking that they can handle it themselves. And in the end, it ends up costing them even more.

I think the best counsel that I can give you is that when it’s time for you to take this path and get divorced, you need someone whom you can trust, whom you can rely on to give you impartial counsel. And although it might cost a little bit of money to have that in your life, in the end, it will save you.

I’ve had clients who were going to make moves out of guilt, shame or anger that were going to cost them thousands of dollars that, to me, made no sense. Once we had a five-minute, ten-minute conversation about it, they could see a different perspective and, in a few cases, they made a new, well-informed choice, and it saved them a ton of money.

So just know that the investment in having this support is going to be well worth it, and you’ll see in the end that that’s really the truth.

What’s difficult at this point is that you cannot see what’s on the other side. And this is just one of the areas where I would help you to understand what’s about to happen before it happens. With this insight, you’ll avoid some of the heartache that I went through (as well as countless other men) who thought they were “smart enough” to rely solely on their own counsel.