Commitment Before Ego

October 25, 2017

An important piece of wisdom I learned from the men years ago was this: commitment before ego.

We’re in our ego when we’re worrying about how we look, what’s convenient for us, what might be profitable for us, what makes us feel better, what makes the pain go away. That’s all about our ego.

In this process of divorce, like everything about being a parent, everything we have to do in life, we want to put our commitment before our ego. If our commitment is not before our ego, nobody will be served. With divorce, knowing what you’re committed to can be very difficult to hang on to because emotions are high. It’s a very confusing time.

Despite how much support we might get, we get into our heads, and can find ourselves lost in a sea of thoughts and emotions. So, one of the things that we would work on is being clear about what your commitments are—in terms of how you want to show up for your kids, how you want to be with your future ex, and what you want for new your life.

Starting right now, you can start thinking about what it means for you to put your commitment before your ego. It’ll put you in a much stronger position as a man, as a father, and for everything else that’s coming down the pike.