Divorce: What The F#ck!?

May 7, 2023

One of the things that worries us as men, going into this process of divorce, or even thinking about it, is what’s going to happen with all of our relationships—our relationships with our children, in-laws, family, friends?

I know that when I was considering making this move, I worried about all of that. Plus being a coach, I worried about what is this going to do to my business? I have all of these men coming to see me each week, I have these groups. Are they going to mutiny because if, “Hey, if Wayne can’t hold on to his relationship, what are coming to talk to him about?”

Although there is a lot to say about that time, in the end, nobody mutinied, which was interesting and wonderful because there was so much to discover going through that entire journey. One of the up sides is that I now have a relationship with my adult son that’s much deeper than I had ever expected. There was so much for him to learn about himself, about him being my son, and him having grown up in our family, that was coming to light because of the work I was doing in this process, and through the divorce, in general.

I want you to know that, although you can’t control what’s going to happen, what’s supposed to happen, will. And the lessons that need to be learned, not just by you but by everybody involved, will be learned. That’s why it’s essential to have faith that good things will happen as a result of being honest with yourself and going through this process (if that’s your decision,) no matter how painful it may be in the short term.