Does Couples Therapy Work?

October 25, 2017

Some of you are involved in couples counseling, and that’s good. You should be doing everything you can to get healthy, get answers, to work together, to solve the problems of the relationship.

Couples therapy is a real crapshoot. I know. I’ve trained as a therapist. There are some good therapists out there. But more often than not, you’ll find a lot of therapists who have had limited life experiences or haven’t done their own personal growth work. You have to be very careful.

Oftentimes, couples come to couples counseling when they’re painfully near the end of their road. It’s their last chance; their last hope of staying together. That’s really unfortunate because you’re betting so much on this one person to help you navigate issues that have been dogging your relationship for years. What if you don’t have someone who can successfully help you process everything that’s been bothering you, individually, in your marriage?

Couples counseling is not the same as individual coaching. Individual coaching can help prepare you to be the man you want to be in that therapy process. They’re two very different things. You need support to be the man you want to be. That’s not going to happen in couples counseling. Those sessions have a very different objective.

What we would do in our coaching sessions is prepare you so that you know what you want and need. That way, when you’re in your couples sessions, you can ask for what you want and need, truly hear what your partner wants and needs, and really begin to change the dynamic of your relationship.