Express Your Manliness – An Interview with BetterMen’s Wayne Levine

September 17, 2023

Author of Hold On to Your N.U.T.S: The Relationship Manual For Men, and the founder of BetterMen Coaching, Wayne Levine is the go-to mentor for men and boys looking to find and transition into masculinity. Without shame basing, Wayne uses his background and own experience to help guide the masses of men who never went through their rites of passage. He facilitates and coaches men’s groups to encourage conversation and interaction with men. Especially in a society where men are increasingly told not to express their manliness. He also coaches youth and couples based out of the LA area.

Wayne’s Interview at Shy Man’s Dating School

Says Wayne, “Shy Man’s Dating School’s Steven Davis is a masterful interviewer. As a result, this is one of the most intelligent radio interviews I’ve ever done.”

The interview is also available at iTunes:

Wayne’s Interview on iTunes