Have a Love Affair in Your Home

October 12, 2009

I’ll forever be grateful to James, an elder in our BetterMen circle, for teaching us one of the most valuable lessons that I continue to pass on to the men. And that is, make sure there’s a love affair going on in your home!

Now, allow yourself to sit with this simple piece of wisdom for just a moment. Picture it. Is there a love affair going on in your home?

I offer tools to help men improve their relationships. And there are countless other teachers, books and seminars designed to keep our marriages strong, loving and vital.

But if we could simply maintain that love affair in our homes, wouldn’t that be enough? Wouldn’t that satisfy her? And wouldn’t that be the finest example for our children to witness?

For this post, please share any or all of the following:

  • how you maintain a love affair in your home
  • the trouble you’ve had or are having maintaining that love affair
  • whether you witnessed a love affair in your parents’ home and how that impacted you and your relationships

Remember, the wisdom you share will be valued by many, and the truth that you reveal will touch many hearts. So please, be generous and share yourself with others.