He’s received an email from an old girlfriend.

March 11, 2014

Dear Wayne,

I’ve been married for several years and we have a young daughter. We have had a pretty good marriage over the years. Though we have had our rough spots, I have never cheated. I have made a real effort lately to be a better husband and it seems to be working. Then, out of the blue, I receive an email from an old girlfriend who tells me she wants to meet for coffee. Just when things are getting better, I have to deal with this. I feel like I’m spinning out of control. I don’t know what to do.


Email Hell


Dear Email,

Here’s the easy answer: push the delete key. If your commitment is to your marriage and family, no good will come from meeting up with your old girlfriend, especially considering the reaction you’re having to simply receiving her email. You’re spinning now. Imagine what’s likely to happen in her presence!

In order to honor our commitments, we have to close the backdoors. If you’re on a diet plan, it might mean not stopping at fast food restaurants. If you’re in a committed long-term relationship, it might mean staying away from Internet porn, chat rooms or the sensual massage parlor. In your case, it means deleting emails from women who will only distract you from the main woman in your life, your wife.

You’re being tested. It’s time to pass this test. It’s time to close this backdoor and refocus your energies on the mother of your little girl. You’ll see an immediate improvement with the “spinning” condition in your head. Perhaps Nancy Reagan was right after all…just say no!