Listen Up

November 19, 2023


Hey men. Listen up. Listening is the seventh BetterMen Tool. Listening is so important. She needs you to be able to hear her. It’s a gift. It’s a gift that you can give your partner to be able to truly listen to her. Now, there are many reasons why it may be difficult for you to do that. Perhaps when she talks you hear your mother yelling at you. Maybe there is some experience from a former relationship that you haven’t quite worked out yet.

Whatever it is, your job is to figure out what’s happening in those nanoseconds between when she starts to talk and when you stop listening. There is something going on in there for you. And I guarantee you, it’s not about what she’s saying and it’s probably not even about her.

Once you can start to hear her and she feels you listening to her, I suspect that you will see a change in her behavior and in your relationship. And perhaps the next time when it’s time for her to hear you, she’ll return the favor. Because we all need to be heard. That’s why listening is so, so, important.