Take Care of Yourself

October 25, 2017

Whatever the state of your relationship, you’ll want to take care of yourself. The more you do to take care of yourself, the more you do to get grounded, the more you do to get healthy, the more you do to be happy, the better off you’re going to be now and in the future.

I recommend meditation to most of my clients. Lots of ways to meditate. Clears your mind, calms you down, gets you centered. There are several apps that can help if you’re new to meditation.

Journaling can be extremely helpful in bringing clarity to a particular situation. Exercise, a clean diet, and engaging in your hobbies, will also help keep you physically healthy and emotionally centered.

Don’t stop doing the things that make you feel good. We will often want to go into our cave when we’re not feeling good, when we’re angry, when we’re sad. I understand all that. But you’ve got to keep moving forward. You have to take care of yourself. It’s going to make getting through this challenging time much, much easier.