Trusting Relationships

November 19, 2023


I heard a statistic recently that over half the men in the United States don’t have buddies—close relationships with other men. That’s really frightening. They’re losing so much, and we’re all really losing so much, when men don’t have that kind of support and camaraderie.

BetterMen Tool No. 8 is Develop Trusting Relationships with Men. We need that masculine support, that fathering, that ass kicking, that camaraderie, that honesty that we can get only from men who don’t have a vested interest in what we do; but we are agreeing to support one another, to tell each other the truth, so that we can figure out how to solve the problems in our lives, how to be a better man, husband, and father.

We need these relationships. There’s so much that we get from having a place where we can be completely ourselves, where we can get the support to be the best people we can be. And it’s equally important to rely on the men and not burden our women for that support—something many men tend to do.

We really do need the support of loving, honest, trusting men. And I encourage you to reach out and build those relationships.