What is Life Coaching for Men?

Wayne Levine has a passion for life coaching and over 20 years experience with coaching men to be the best men, fathers, husbands and leaders they can be.

His coaching services include, individual coaching (both in-office and over the phone,) couples coaching, men’s groups (both in-office and over the phone,) and trainings and retreats.

Life coaching offers men an opportunity to quickly identify how to solve the problems in their lives, personally, with their relationships, and in the work place. Taking advantage of BetterMen Coaching services shows men how they’ve been acting like boys and teaches them to replace those behaviors with those of a strong, confident and caring man.

With a masters in clinical psychology, married for 30 years, and as a father of two healthy and successful young adults (boy and girl,) Wayne is uniquely qualified to offer coaching services and counseling services that will help you to make significant changes in yourself and in your relationships.