One-on-One Coaching

Why You’re Here

It’s time for a change. You want to be happy. You want to get on with your life. Something in your life isn’t working and you finally want to fix it. You’re unhappy, angry or frustrated and you’ve sometimes given up on yourself—and others. You believe you’re stuck and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

You’ve tried talking with friends. You’ve tried therapy, seminars, books, and nothing seems to be working—at least not well enough. You may be struggling with your career, or you haven’t been the husband or father you want to be. Now, you’re sick of feeling stuck in your own stuff. You’re tired of watching yourself make the same mistakes again and again as a husband, a father, a businessman, a man.

What I Do

I’ve helped good men become better men for 20 years. As director of BetterMen Coaching, I coach men, facilitate men’s groups and lead BetterMen Retreats. I’ve found what most men need is not a diagnosis, but the support of other good men to help them find the solutions to their problems.

What we men need is guidance, teaching, and the insight of a trusted advisor. We need to be fathered. Let’s face it, if we all had the fathers of our fantasies, we would have received all the wisdom necessary to succeed in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us had dads who lacked the wisdom, the time, or the ability to teach us. Some of our dads weren’t around at all. But that’s no reason to stay stuck.

Working the BetterMen Coaching process will teach you to develop and to have a firm grasp of your N.U.T.s, your Non-negotiable Unalterable Terms. The BetterMen Coaching tools will help you to be successful as a man, in your career, and in your relationships with your partner and children.

What We’ll Do

The BetterMen Coaching process is about fathering men. That means you’ll get honest, unapologetic feedback about you in all areas of your life. You’ll get sage advice, the wisdom handed down to me from my mentors.

It’s nice, every now and then, to be mothered. It feels good to have someone make you feel better about the state you’re in. It feels good to crawl up into that warm, comforting place and be held. The problem is, we wake up the next morning with the same problems. Only now, we feel even worse.

You see, we men need to fix things, and that includes our relationships, the one with ourselves and the ones with our women, our children, and the rest of the world.

Together, we’ll help you create a vision of the man you want to be. To achieve that vision, you’ll make commitments and be held accountable to them. Without accountability, you can hide out, lie, numb yourself, indulge your addictions, and otherwise stay stuck. And isn’t that what you’ve been doing for too long now?

How It Works

We’ll jump straight into what’s not working. We’ll identify the problems and figure out solutions before you get off the phone. Along the way, you’ll learn about yourself and how you’re not so different from most other men.

You’ll learn the tools needed to have a stronger and happier relationship with yourself, your woman, your kids, your employees and colleagues, your money, spirituality, health, and your ability to experience fun and joy. You’ll develop and be encouraged to maintain a firm grasp of your N.U.T.s—Non-negotiable Unalterable Terms.

You’ll develop trust in me. This trust will eventually enable you to develop more trusting relationships with other men in your life. You see, the goal isn’t to make you dependent upon your relationship with me. The goal is to teach you how to be the man you want to be and to bring that man to all of your relationships, including those with men.

What To Expect

If you’re ready to make changes in your life, you should expect some immediate results.

They may be subtle. But as you learn more about yourself, and can see how your behaviors affects those close to you, you’ll start to appreciate the power you have to change what’s happening in your life, in your marriage, with your kids, and at work. If you’re consistent, you’ll see changes in yourself and in your life you would have never thought possible.

In other words, you’ll start to become that better man you want to be!