3 Steps to Getting Unstuck

March 11, 2014

Most of us men come to a point in our lives where we find ourselves stuck in our own stuff. It could be in our relationships, our career, or in our spiritual journey. But wherever it is, it’s got us unhappy, frustrated, angry and, often times, not very pleasant to be around. So, how do we get unstuck?
It’s simple. Make commitments, take action, and be held accountable. That’s the essence of the BetterMen process.
The only obstacle between you and becoming the man you want to be is commitment. When we commit to something, we no longer have to struggle with a choice. The choice has already been made. We made it. Life becomes a little more black and white, which is what commitments are all about. The commitment frees us from doubt and allows us to redirect our energies to more positive endeavors, like taking action.
Taking action is the difference between being a man who talks about change, and a man who is committed to change. That action can be grand, or it can be simple. What’s most important is staying in continuous action to achieve the change you’ve committed to in order to become the man, father, husband and leader you want to be.
But doing this work alone and expecting to successfully stay in action, is setting yourself up for failure. Why not set yourself up for success? Enroll the support of other men. Ask to be held accountable to your commitments. Offer your support to these other men who are also engaged in this process of being better men. These trusting relationships you develop can change the course of your life, and the lives of those you love.