Amazing Dating Advice!

March 11, 2014

Be the man you want to be, and you’ll get the woman you’re meant to be with. That’s it.
Oh, you were expecting more? Some techniques to manipulate her into liking you even though you’re not too crazy about yourself? Perhaps some strategic maneuver to trick her into thinking that you’re more successful—or more handsome—than you really are? Or did you expect some infomercial-king-style-of-advice that would help you score with the babes, despite the fact that you’re terrified to meet women? Might we be looking at a “mommy” issue?
Am I making my point? The dating advice available—and purchased so enthusiastically by the unsuspecting—is mostly garbage. Why should dating require anything less than the other significant challenges in your life? If being the man you want to be is the foundation of being successful in your career, in your marriage, and as a father, doesn’t it make sense that to be successful in dating, you ought to have a handle on being that better man?
That’s where the work is. Be a man you’re proud to be. Have integrity. Exercise. Eat well. Have other men in your life who will help you to grow up and be that man. When you feel good about you, when you feel successful, that’s what the women will see.
And by the way, unless you’re a kid (young or old) who just wants to get laid, what most men are looking for is one good woman. That’s all…one! The odds are in your favor, even without the breakthrough techniques available to you…if you order now!
So rather than focusing so much energy on how to “not be yourself” in order to attract women, start focusing inside to be the very best man you are. The source of your power is not out there. It’s an inside job. And when you’ve done a good job, inside, opportunity will start knocking. And she’ll be just perfect for you.