Be the Rock

November 19, 2023


BetterMen Tool No. 5 is, Be the Rock. A major point about being the rock with your woman is to not take everything personally. There’ll be times when she’s not at her best, she’s not feeling well, or she’s upset. She might say things, in her attempts to communicate to you how she’s feeling, that might trigger you, hurt your feelings, or piss you off.

It’s important to be patient, wait, listen, and check in with yourself before you start reacting to what she’s saying. If she can’t count on you to listen and hear her out, she’s going to have a hard time trusting you.

So, being the rock, at least in this situation, is letting yourself know that whatever she’s saying, it’s really not about you, it’s about how she feels. It might, indeed, be about something you did, but you need to develop that skill to hear her out and not react. That’s part of what being the rock is for your woman—someone she can count on to be there, and not fall to pieces every time you get offended or you take something personally. Give it a shot.