Custody Battle Nightmares

October 25, 2017

When I got divorced, my kids were already adults and I didn’t have to deal with custody issues. But over the years, many of my clients have had horrendous custody battles. Really painful. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees, trumped-up charges of abuse—some truly horrible experiences.

You may be looking at similar plights. Hopefully not. But, at the very least, the fact that you have to deal with custody issues can make divorce a much more difficult process. All the more reason to get all the help you can.

Whatever you’re doing in your life, you’re busy— as a father, executive, business owner. As a soon-to-be single dad, at least for a while, life is going to get even busier. That’s why you’ve got to take care of yourself. An important area of discussion that we would tackle.

Although divorce can be a difficult road, there’s a lot of help available to you. You owe it to yourself, and to your kids, to get that help so that you can show up and be the father that you want to be during this important life transition for your entire family.