Don’t Stay Together for the Kids

October 13, 2017

You’ve probably heard many times, let’s stay together for the kids. We’ll wait until they’re old enough to understand, then we’ll get divorced. Or, let’s wait until they’ve graduated from high school, and then we can get divorced.

I don’t know too many children, who are now adults, who appreciated the fact that their parents stayed together for the kids. Why? Because they could see how miserable their parents were, and they had to deal with it! And in many cases, it had a terrible impact on just those little people who the parents were trying to protect.

It’s best to be honest. It’s best to do what’s real. It’s best to do what is just best in the situation. And I think what’s best for the children is also what’s best for you.

And that’s why it takes a little time and energy to think hard about why you’re making your choice. If you’re simply saying, let’s just stay together for the kids, what it really sounds like is that you’re afraid to look at the situation, you’re afraid to make the tough choice. And believe me, there is so much upside to making the tough choice, now.