September 29, 2017

Divorce sucks. I mean, there’s no question about it. Every which angle. But on the other side of this difficult process are some amazing gifts. And one of those gifts is freedom.

But you’ve got to earn it. Just getting divorced doesn’t get you there. You have to earn it. You’ve got to learn the lessons. You’ve got to do the work. You have to wake up. And if you wake up and you’re honest and you do this work, you’ll be free—really free.

Free to figure out who you are, free to experience the things that you want in life. I am so happy now, but if you had seen me in the throes of my divorce, I’d have looked very different.

I was really depressed for a while because this process can really get you down. But now I feel it, it’s done, and I’m so excited about what’s coming, what I can learn, where I can go, who I can be.

So stick with it. There is gold on the other side of them ‘thar divorce hills.’