Get Unstuck

November 19, 2023


Being stuck really does not feel good. We feel stuck when we’re doing something that doesn’t feel good, but we can’t seem to move out of it. We’re somehow paralyzed. Or we have some habit that keeps us doing the same thing over and over again. Or we feel sad. Or we feel overwhelmed, or otherwise in fear about what’s going on or what needs to go on, what needs to change, how we’re not measuring up. It can take so many different forms.

This message is really just about what you can do in the short term to get unstuck. I’ve found, working with men for decades, that if we just take the next step, if we just take a move in the right direction, then that energy can break and we can move forward.

What I suggest is: do the thing that’s worked in the past.. Maybe you need to take a run, have a cup of tea, talk to a friend, cry, scream, laugh, dance. Whatever you need to get that energy moving, to remind your body and your nervous system that it can move forward, and that being stuck is not a permanent situation.

The next time you feel stuck, consider what’s worked for you in the past, and then just do it! Don’t think about it. Do it and you’ll be on your way.