He’s been sleeping with a married woman.

March 11, 2014

Dear Wayne,

I am a young, single guy and I have been sleeping with a married woman. She told me that she is in the middle of a divorce and that everything should be okay. But I am not feeling exactly okay with it. I tried ending it once and telling her we could still be friends. But when we met a few weeks later for coffee, I was right back in. You see, she is gorgeous and the sex is smokin’ hot! But after, I feel really terrible. I am not sure what to do.


Young and Horny


Dear Young and Horny,

As the house in the movie “Amityville Horror,” once said, “GET OUT!” Smart house. I could end this column right here. But since the BetterMen way is to father, let me take this opportunity to lay upon you a little wisdom from the men.

I can believe the sex is “smokin’ hot.” This woman is married, unsatisfied by her man, older than you, and lovin’ the little boy toy she’s got manipulated around her little finger…and other parts.

But the reason you feel crappy after your ride is because you’re compromising your integrity. There’s some part of you that knows that. Honestly, is sleeping with another man’s wife being the man you want to be?

She’s having a field day. But you have no idea what game she’s playing, and just exactly where her husband fits into this mess. Kid, you’re in way over your head. I suggest you delete her number from your phone, and then stick to your own kind, single women. This is one “friend” you don’t need.

Not long ago, a man in our circle, whose wife slept with another man, said, in response to a single guy who was crowing about his latest married conquest, “I’d rather slit my throat and cut off my d*ck, than sleep with another man’s woman.” That’s how painful it was when he was on the receiving end of what you’ve been up to. And when a man experiences that much pain, he’s capable of just about anything, like paying a visit to your front door. Any questions?