Let Go

November 19, 2023


Have you had the experience of waking up in the middle of the night, needing to take a leak, and then having trouble falling back to sleep? Your mind is racing and you’re thinking about lots of things and maybe you’re thinking about things in your past. Things that happened to you, things that you did that you’re not proud of, resentment, anger, sadness. Not only does it keep you up at night, but it can continue to haunt you day after day at different times. We really need to learn what it means to let go of the attachment that we have to these past events.

I can tell you, having worked on this myself for the last 25 years, that I haven’t completely mastered it. Some of those things still creep up. But I have managed to silence, and even eliminate, some of that ruminating, that looping, that we tend to do when we’re haunted by past events.

You can change that. There are ways to work through it. There are ways to learn to accept, to forgive others and yourself. And if you want to do that work, I assure you that it can make you more relaxed, more content, and a happier man.