Men’s Work

November 19, 2023


I stand on the shoulders of men who came before me, men who created what’s known as men’s work.

And it really is work. But it’s not work for every man. Not every man is ready to do the kind of one-on-one coaching I do with guys. Who you believe you are today is in many ways just the sum total of the coping mechanisms that you’ve developed over the years to avoid pain and to seek pleasure, the skills you’ve developed to defend yourself, and to deal with your trauma.

The work now to become the best man you can be, the best father, best husband, is to be able to see the truth, tell the truth to yourself, to somebody else, and to discover what might be your truth.

That’s the essence of men’s work, this conversation to talk about where you’re at, what’s working, what’s not working, and then to develop that gut sense, that intuition, of who that man is that you really can be, that you want to be.

So the work is out there. The question is, are you ready to do the work, men?