He’s made his girlfriend more important than his daughters.

March 11, 2014

Dear Wayne,

I’m a divorced dad with two daughters who live with me. My new girlfriend has a problem with the fact that my ex-wife’s photograph is displayed in our home. I’m not sure what to do?


In Conflict


Dear In Conflict,

You don’t know what to do!? Your primary responsibility is to father your daughters. It’s bad enough the kids have had to deal with the trauma of a divorce, now their feelings and relationship with their mother are under attack by your “girlfriend?” Your job is to protect and nurture those girls. That needs to be your new N.U.T.—non-negotiable, unalterable term. Remember, your girls will grow up to seek out men just like their dad. Are you being the example you want to be for your daughters? The pictures stay. If your girlfriend can’t support that decision, show her the door.